Sports Photography

by Paul Cutino

Timing is a key element in sports photography. The secrets to good timing are knowledge of the sport you're photographing, practice, and good luck. If you know the sport and the techniques are second nature, you'll find that luck will come your way a lot more frequently. You'll see those key moments developing, and be ready to capture them when they occur.

Study the sport(s) you want to photograph. Look at photos in sports magazines, and watch the sport on TV. Think about the pictures you like, and why you like them. Then go out and practice shooting those types of photos. Of course, you'll come up with other neat photo ideas as you shoot, but this will give you a good starting point. And keep in mind, sports aren't the only source of action photos. Pets and wildlife are good sources, and photojournalists must be ready to capture fast-breaking moments, too.

Point of View...
A large part of successful photography is being in the right place at the right time. In part this is a matter of luck. But often you can tilt the odds considerably in your favor, especially with sports.